Chandeliers and wiring

  1. Voltage. There is a misconception that the wiring of the lamp is different from country to country because the voltage is different.  It isn’t.  Wire conduct electricity whether it is 110 volt or 220 volt – wire doesn’t discriminate.  So long as you use a bulb purchased in the US (made for 110 volt usage), you don’t have to worry about the voltage difference.
Pro Tip: Don’t bring a lamp from abroad with a light bulb in it and plug it into a socket in the US.  If you do, the light produced from the bulb will be very dim or just won’t work.


  1. Bulb socket. The most common bulb sockets used in the US are E26 (standard/medium) and E12 (candelabra/chandelier).  The European equivalents are E27 and E14 bulb sockets.  You can fit an E26 (US) bulb in an E27 bulb socket, so you will be able to use an American E26 bulb with without much problem if you have a European E27 bulb socket. But, the smaller American chandelier base bulbs (E12) will not fit an E14 bulb socket.  You will either have to get an adapter (widely available) that converts E14 to E12 or change the bulb socket. 

Pro tip: Don’t insert a US chandelier base bulb into the E14 socket and turn it on to test it.  The bulb could go deep into the bulb socket and short circuit, which will cause there to be a spark, bulb to burn out and melt the metal or plastic inside the bulb socket.

  1. Wiring. This is where you have to be careful.  We have seen many light fixtures sold in Belgium, France and other countries where the wiring is an extremely thin gauge wire.   Wire gauge that is very thin heats up fast and is a fire risk, so this is not a matter to be taken lightly.  In the US, we typically used 18 gauge wire in lamps, which is about 1mm thick.  The correct thickness (gauge) of the wire depends on the amps that the bulb is going to draw, the higher the wattage of the bulb or bulbs, the higher the amp load it is placing on the wire.  With typical Turkish mosaic chandeliers that have multiple bulbs, you have to consider not just the rating of each individual strand but also the rating of the line that connects to these individual strands and goes into the wall.  

Pro Tip: Without getting into the technical details, we recommend that you start with LED bulbs that are low wattage (5-7 watts).  The mosaic globes will not appear as beautiful or sparkly as when used with higher wattage incandescent bulbs (because of the difference in color temperature), but it is safer to use your fixture with these bulbs until you can figure out the wire gauge used and what wattage bulbs will be safe to use. 

  • About my order

    Where can I find the measurements of this piece?

    When you look at the offer, click directly below the text on: '+ Learn more about this item', and you will find the extensive description.


    Is a LAYAWAY and combined shipping on multiple items possible ? What is your policy on this?

    We offer layaways on all of our items. It's an easy way to purchase an item with weekly or monthly payment terms. You can contact us and send us your own proposal about a layaway.
    Please contact us about combined shipping, I give discounts on shipping when you order multiple items, with a maximum weight of 30 kg (66 pond lbs) and measurement restrictions given by the postal company. All proposals will be viewed individually.


    Will I be able to follow my order with a tracking system?

    Yes, all goods will be sent track&trace. You will receive the Track&Trace code in your mailbox once the parcel has been shipped out. When orders are being sent outside of EU there will be a cross reference number which is the tracking number used in the country of destination, this will be shown in the tracking status after 1-2 days. You can always contact me to request the cross reference number or additional tracking information.


    Will my item arrive in good condition?

    We pack extremelly well, we have more then 10 years of experience shipping the most delicate pieces around the world. Some of our pieces will be dismantled before shipping e.g. Chandeliers, bar carts, mirrors, etc... this is to save on shipping costs and to give more protection to the item for its long journey!


    Can I insure my item against damage or loss during shipping?

    Yes, we always send our parcels fully insured with track&trace and signature required.


    What should i do in case an item arrives damaged?

    We recommend you that once the parcel arrives at its destination that you take as many pictures as possible in case the item arrived damaged, also notify us within 5 days after delivery!(even if you do not have the pictures yet, message me as soon as you notice there is damage to your item)

    When an item arrives damaged the insurance company asks the following pictures:

    • Clear picture of the damaged item

    • Clear picture of the shipping label

    • Clear pictures of the outside of the box

    • Clear picture of the inside of the box + packing materials.


    When you are NOT able to send us the asked pictures we are NOT able to refund your parcel, this is the only requirement needed for the insurance company!!

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